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Gefu Delicio Stainless Steel Apple Peeler 3 In 1 Black

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Have your apples peeled quick with precision using Gefu’s Stainless Steel apple peeler. This durable 3 in 1 peeler lets you peel, pit and cut your delicious apples into slices easily.

Features a strong suction cup base to hold the apple peeler on smooth surfaces to keep it steady at all times when peeling. Simply attach the apple, turn the crank and  you’ll have your peeled apples in no time!

The apple peeler gets things moving in every kitchen. As many apples as you like can be peeled, pitted and cut into spirals in no time at all. Its suction base holds on to any smooth surface. Just attach the apple, turn the crank to the stop, and the pitted and peeled apple spirals are ready to be eaten.

  • 3 in 1 for peeling, cutting, coring
  • strong hold due to suction cup
  • apples or potatoes can be peeled and cut at the same time
  • easy handling
  • L 25,0 cm, W 10,5 cm, H 12,3 cm
  • aluminium / high-grade stainless steel

Apple peeler 3 in 1 DELICIO