Petite Maison Play Space Station Table Tent


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Ground control to Major Tom! Your little space cadets will love being at the controls of their very own rocket ship beneath the dining room table. This beautifully hand drawn design features windows for a perfect view of all the stars and planets and all the control panels they need for a successful rocket launch or space mission!

The ‘Space Station’ Table Tent is designed to be thrown over your dining table to create an instant cubby house underneath for your little ones and stimulate imaginative play.  This Table Tent is also guaranteed to save your linen cupboard from being destroyed!

Personalise your Table Tent with a button on sign* that can be printed to suit your child or family name (eg/ Sam’s Space Station, Elise’s Rocket Ship etc)

This Table tent is suitable for a table that is between 1.6m and 2m in length.