Vacu Vin Champagne Accessory Set | Set Of 3


The Champagne Accessory Set contains 3 Vacu Vin products to open, chill, serve and store your wine. The perfect gift for wine enthusiast of all levels. Comes in a special design gift box.

  • Champagne Opener
  • Active Cooler Champagne Bottles
  • Champagne Saver & Server

Champagne Opener

  • Makes it safe and easy to open champagne bottles
  • Twist the bottle instead of the cork to open the champagne bottle without popping

Active Cooler Champagne

  • Chills your champagne quickly within 15 minutes and keeps it cool until the last sip
  • Keep the Active Cooler in the freezer to enjoy a cold wine anytime

Champagne Saver & Server

  • Preserves the taste and bubbles of your champagne
  • Unique design to serve your champagne drip-free