The Pasta Man


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The Pasta Man , Manteo Zielonka, makes the most spectacular, original pasta you’ve ever seen. Striped .spotted,red .and green and black ,

and every shape imaginable. Mateo’s pasta is a carb- lovers dream

The Pasta Man, Manteo reveals for the first time how you too can make this beautiful creations. Starting with classic golden dough, and with how to sections guiding you through every shape and effort, from spots and stripes using all natural ingredients , lasagne sheets ravioli pillows tortellini and other glorious filled pastas, He then offers 40 recipes for delicious sources and suppers in which to showcase your delicately  crafted pasta.


Illustrated with beautiful photograph and clear step-by-step instructions, whether you’re a pasta beginner or enthusiast, let yourself be guided by your master and make your own pasta the work of art