Swirling Carafe


The Swirling Carafe is a spinning centrepiece that allows wine to breathe in a special and elegant way. Swirling helps release the different aromas in wine for an improved taste experience. The crystal glass carafe and cork base give a premium appearance. The perfect gift for wine enthusiasts!

Decant your wine by pouring the wine from the bottle into the carafe. For young wines you can pour the wine with a splash for extra aeration. For aged wines pour your wine carefully, to separate the wine from the sediment in the bottle. Give the cork base a swing to swirl your wine through the decanter. Let the wine rest to ”breathe” to enhance its flavor and aroma’s.

  • Allows your wine to breathe in a special way
  • Enhances the taste of your wine by aerating
  • Swirling your wine helps release the aromas in the wine
  • Decanting helps you separate sediment from the wine
  • Unique centrepiece on the table
  • Rotating base to swirl your wine through the glass carafe
  • Carafe is made of crystal glass
  • Rotating base is made of natural cork