Silk Magnolia. 100% Silk Duvet Creamsummer Weight Single


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These beautiful silk duvets are the ultimate in luxury and comfort.  They are filled with 100% pure long fibre silk AND covered in 100% pure silk.  The amazing silk filling is made from a single bolt of silk sourced from the whole cocoon, ensuring the highest quality and durability.  The long fibred silk strands are layered by hand and will not mat, move or clump providing you with comfort all night long.

This summer weight duvet has a 100% long fibred silk filling with a luxurious 100% silk casing.

250 GSM summer weight duvet for comfort in the warmer months.

All Silk Magnolia silk duvets have been created with the ability to clip a winter and summer duvet together to select your perfect level of warmth.

As a natural product silk has many benefits including:

Hypoallergenic fabric. Because silk is a natural protein it is resistant to dust mites and mildew, making it perfect for adults and children suffering from allergies and asthma.

Silk bed linen is suitable for those who are sensitive to wool and down.

The natural thermal regulating properties of silk means it reduces heat loss in winter keeping you warm, yet in summer, silk wicks moisture away from your body and sheds excess heat keeping you perfectly cool.

Breathable and lightweight, our silk duvets will cocoon your body for the ultimate in comfort.