Otc Birdie Mug 0,3 L, Pink Design: Oiva Toikka


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Iittala’s 3 dl mug from the Oiva Toikka Collection is adorned with the charming Birdie print. The form of the mug is familiar from the iconic Teema series, making the  easily combinable with other Iittala designs.

The Birdie mug is part of Iittala’s collection titled the Curious Mind of Oiva Toikka. The collection’s items are decorated with colourful, vibrant patterns based on original sketches and drawings found in the archives of Finnish designer and artist Oiva Toikka. The playful collection celebrates the endless imagination and bold expression of the legendary Finnish glass artist. “I’m not looking for perfection. I want it to be fun!” as Toikka himself has famously put it.