Ken Hom Carbon Steel Wok 35cm


The carbon steel walk is versatile enough to be the perfect fit for most stoves including the gas, Electric and ceramic variety. The preferred selection from aspiring an expert chefs alike, uncoated woks  are often celebrated for their ability to naturally bring about enhance flavour while remaining incredibly resilient  (designed to with stand the demands of high heat cooking without taking on physical damage )   Stir-fry  cooking is all about being quick, easy and healthy. This uncoated carbon steel work provides everything you need to achieve these goals in the kitchen.


KEN HOM is a Chinese  – American chef, author, and television host for BBC TV as well as many others. He is recognised as one of the worlds leading experts in authentic Chinese and Asian cooking. In 2009 Ken was awarded officer of the order of the British Empire for service to culinary arts and honoured  with a lifetime Award at the Golden  Chopstick event. Over 8 million of Ken Hom works  ( one of the oldest branded cookware in the world )have been sold worldwide to happy customers thanks in part to Ken’s  intent on high-quality and functional product.