Icon Chef – Icon Chef Carafe 1500ml


Store, aerate, and serve your special drinks with the Icon Chef Carafe 1500ml. Designed with multi-functionality and simplicity in mind, this carafe is the perfect companion to a nice wine, 90+ coffee, or high-end tea.

The main feature of the carafe is its Smart Seal, which aerates the liquid as you pour it into a glass. It’s perfect for wine, but aerating nice coffees and teas enhances their flavours as well. Next time you have a guest over and want to treat them to something nice, grab this Icon Chef Carafe-your guest will love it!

The self-stopping lid is also a handy feature. It opens when you pour and automatically closes as you raise the carafe back to an upright position.

The carafe itself is made from borosilicate glass, which means its heat resistant, extra durable, and crystal clear. The 1.5L size is perfect for prolonged use or serving a dinner party.

Icon Chef Carafe 1500ml Features Aerate Coffee + Wine – Smart Seal aerates your liquid as you pour, making it perfect for wine, a special brew of coffee, or anything else you want to enhance the taste of.

Multi-Functional – Simple, versatile design makes this carafe great for serving coffee, wine, or even making fruit-infused water.

Self-Stopping Lid – Opens when you pour, closes when you stop.

1.5L Capacity – The perfect size for multi-day use or dinner parties.

This product includes: – 1 x Icon Chef Carafe 1500ml

The Specifics Materials Borosilicate Glass, Stainless Steel, BPA-Free Plastic Capacity 1.5L Recommended Additions – See Coffee Grinders