Vissevasse By The Sea Puzzle 1000


First, you get the corners into place, and then, off you go. The feeling you get when you put in the last piece of a puzzle you have worked on for hours is almost indescribable. Use the jigsaw puzzle as a breathing space, an occasion to go offline, relax and focus on the moment. Whether alone or in a joint project that brings together friends and family.

NB! The puzzle contains small pieces and should be kept out of reach for children under three years of age

Puzzle: 63 x 45 cm. Box: 19 x 26.5 x 6 cm. This product is FSC®-certified. The FSC label is your guarantee that you can buy the paper product with a clear conscience. By choosing FSC-labelled products you are helping to protect our forests and the people and animals that live in them.