Mustering Cattle - Necktie



In Central Australia where the temperature regularly gets to 40c, the cattle were being moved to water. Mustering on horseback is a slower process, keeping the cattle calm in the hot conditions.  Made in Australia.

Wear with a pale blue shirt or RM Williams style checked shirt with blue and brown tones.

Created by award winning photographer, helicopter pilot and fashion designer Robyn Hills, iconic photos are printed onto fabric and hand-tailored into ‘wearable art’. Give a stylish gift that will be talked about – reminding them of you each time it’s worn.

These unique pieces are conversation starters. Gift boxed for a lovely presentation, each comes with the story and a miniature of the original photo that inspired the design. The wearer will be delighted at how often they get complimented on their tie or scarf – retelling the story of you giving it to them.

• Dry cleaning is recommended but can be carefully hand washed in warm water and gentle soap

• Made by hand in Australia

• Designed in Australia by Robyn Hills

• Length 153cm / 60″

• Width 8cm / 3″ Fabric is duchess satin chosen for its luxe feel and beautiful draping. It is also selected for its ability for reproduction quality of the photographs with depth and tonal range detail that no other fabric can produce to create your wearable work of art.