Lluie – Jungle Adventure Jigsaw Puzzle


Imagine a time when little children play quietly and are fully immersed in the activity…

…a state where time feels like it has slowed down

…senses heightened

…where hands and mind synchronise into a beautiful momentum

This process is called ‘flow’. And puzzles my dear mama, help create that magical moment for your little one.

This beautiful moment creates all sorts of positive feelings. It calms your child after a big day or when you and your child just really need some mindful time alone.

Our beautifully illustrated puzzles help to captivate and deeply engage little minds.

As your child works through the puzzle in that wonderful non-distracted zone, you would be assured to know that your child is learning about the flora and fauna around the world through play.

Wondering how you can step in to connect with your child through play? I’ve got you covered. I’ve put on my teacher thinking cap and included a list of play based learning activities to guide you, all included on the box it comes in. You will also find a list of the names of the plants and animals depicted in the Original Art illustration for your easy reference.

  • 36 piece puzzle
  • 40 x 40cm completed size
  • Magnetic close box with a drawstring bag to store the puzzle pieces
  • Recommended Age: 3+ years
  • Made from recycled pape